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There are a number of enjoyable, fascinating outdoor activities to take part in here on Brier Island, your eco-tourism destination!

If you have never seen whales up close, you are in for a memorable experience. Whale-watching tour operators take visitors out into the Bay of Fundy to see Right, Minke and occasionally giant Blue whales up close in their natural habitat. It's thrilling to see whales spouting when they surface for air, or spyhopping in apparent curiosity, and a whale breaching mere feet from the boat is an unforgettable, awe-inspiring brush with Nature! To observe these gentle giants of the deep in person might even be a life-changing experience for some. For tour operator information, please see the Businesses page.
[whale tail]

Trails suitable for hiking and mountain-biking criss-cross and trace the perimeter of the island. Whether it's a short jaunt to Seal Cove from Northern Light, or a loop of the entire island, you will see a lot more on foot or bike. Visitors can walk or ride from lighthouse to lighthouse to lighthouse by following nature trails and dirt roads, and property owners are quite accommodating. There is only one spot on the island that is officially off-limits to hikers and bikers, and that is Greenhead (this natural attraction is easily viewed from near the Joshua Slocum monument). Get ready to soak up the sun, feel the breeze and breathe the sea air!

A wide variety of rock specimens can be found along the shingle and cobble beaches of the island, including agate, jasper, zeolite and amethyst, as well as basalt and dolomite. Columnar basalt can be seen in dramatic form at Northern Light and Greenhead, reminiscent of the Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland. If driftwood collecting is your hobby, hike from Northern Light to Western Light and you'll find lots, as well as a few nautical buoys.
[beach rocks]

Bring your binoculars! As Brier Island is located on the Atlantic Flyway, many different varieties of birds visit the island during migration. Warblers, owls, hawks, petrels, ducks, turkey vultures, songbirds and many others can be found here at different times of year. Autumn is one of the best times to visit, especially for hawks.
[eider duck]

Brier Island is home to a large number of common and rare plant varieties, including Bluebead Lily, Pink Ladyslipper, Fireweed, Yellow Iris, Shrubby Cinquefoil, Pitcher Plant, and the endangered Eastern Mountain Avens. A large portion of the island is a nature preserve administered by the Nature Conservancy of Canada, helping to protect these plants and maintain biodiversity.
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